Yeast Infection


This Universal Sound Therapy Protocol was designed specifically to help your body cure and get rid of Yeast Infection.


Vaginal Yeast Infections are truly an uncomfortable condition and most women will experience it sometime during their lifetime. Some will experience it many times.  The most common symptoms are:


  • Itching in the vaginal and/or vulvar area
  • Burning
  • Soreness
  • Pain during intercourse and or urination
  • Vaginal discharge
You know it when you have it but it can be easily diagnosed by a lab test.  There are many anti-fungal medicines, creams and suppositories that are used to treat a yeast infection, but some have nasty, unwanted side effects.
Sound Therapy has no side effects at all, just results. Sound gently reminds your body at what frequencies it should be vibrating at to be at optimal health and your body makes the changes that are needed to heal itself.  Your yeast infection not only goes away, but your whole body will feel better for having used it.
Give our CD on Yeast Infections a try and we guarantee that it will work for you. It it doesn’t, you simply return the CD and we will immediately refund your money.


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