TMJ – Temporomandibular joint disorder


This Universal Sound Therapy Protocol was designed to help your body overcome TMJ.


Do you suffer from TMJ? TMJ the abbreviation for Temporomandibular Joint Disorder – is just another word for pain. And pain is the most common symptom of TMJ Dysfunction. TMJ pain is often described as a dull ache in the jaw joint and nearby areas, including the ear, which comes and goes. Other symptoms can include:

  • pain in the neck and shoulders
  • migraine and/or chronic headache
  • jaw muscle stiffness
  • limited movement or locking of the jaw
  • painful clicking, popping or grating in the jaw joint when opening or closing the mouth
  • ear pain, pressure, and/or ringing in the ears
  • decreased hearing
  • dizziness and vision problems

I worked with a lady who had suffered with TMJ pain that radiated from her jaws down through her neck and shoulders…every day of her life…for the past 25 years. She had gone to every doctor and specialist and tried every TMJ therapy she could find before she finally found relief from her pain because of Universal Sound Therapy. Many TMJ patients typically see multiple healthcare providers, such as:

  • primary care physicians
  • dentists
  • sleep specialists
  • chiropractors
  • ear nose and throat specialists
  • even neurologists…
  • But most haven’t tried a sound specialist.

You’ve probably talked to your doctor and maybe a few others on the list above, and not had success there. You may have tried:

  • mouth guards
  • jaw slings
  • even had teeth pulled

and you still have the pain. But you have yet to try Sound Therapy. Hopefully you will, because this can be the key to getting rid of your TMJ for good.We really do hope you will try our sound therapy for TMJ, because we know how much TMJ gets in the way of living. The constant pain is aggravating and can be overwhelming. You need relief now.

We want to help, our TMJ Therapy has been consistently successful and our clients are happy with the results. But we don’t expect you to just take our word for it. We have taken away all of the risks by offering a full 90 days to try it out risk free. When you go to the doctor, do they offer a satisfaction guarantee? They do not. When you buy supplements do they let you return a half empty bottle because the vitamins didn’t work? Nope. We’re not in the business of selling hope and empty promises. We are in the business of treating TMJ with sound therapy. And whereas we can’t guarantee that it’ll work for everyone, we absolutely guarantee that if it doesn’t, we’ll give you your money back with a smile and our thanks for giving it a try.

3 reviews for TMJ – Temporomandibular joint disorder

  1. Molly Burton

    My jaw was locking up, clicking and I was in pain. It works and after I get done with this, I am going to work on my bad knees with another of your CD’s.


    I have been using your CD for only three weeks and can tell you that it is working, I feel less pain every day. This was truly a good investment. You could charge more.

  3. Kia Blue

    I lived in pain for years. Your CD on TMJ has made my life worth living. Each day I could feel the pain in my jaws and neck getting less and less. I am pain free in only 14 weeks. Bless You.

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