TMJ – Temporomandibular joint disorder


This Universal Sound Therapy Protocol was designed to help your body overcome TMJ.


Are you or someone you love suffering from Temporomandibular Disorder and associated symptoms? At Universal Sound Therapy we deal with all sorts of issues including Temporomandibular Disorder with our sound therapies.


Our therapy is based on frequencies, tuning your body to vibrate at the correct frequency is as important to your body healing itself or reducing symptoms you are facing.  Our healing sessions provide your body with the frequencies that would be found in a normal, healthy body. Your system absorbs these frequencies and makes the needed changes to “tune itself” and start to heal. Our bodies want to be healthy and when we provide them with the proper tools they will do everything needed to do just that.

Universal Sound Therapy is in the business to help your body heal and we are so confident that it will work for you that we offer you a 90-day money back guarantee. And if our Temporomandibular Disorder Sound Therapy CD doesn’t help, just return it for a full refund. Try to get that from your doctor or pharmacy.

Our Temporomandibular Disorder sound therapy CD’s help by:

  • Decrease or minimize occurrence of pain or tenderness on the jaw
  • Has the correct frequencies to help your body retune itself
  • Aligns and opens your Chakra system
  • Opens and cleans up your meridians
  • Helps your body heal itself

Introduction to Temporomandibular Joint Disorder Sound Therapy

If you’re suffering from TMJ, you know it’s more than just a disorder; it’s pain. TMJ, short for Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, is characterized by a dull ache in the jaw joint and surrounding areas, including the ears. Other symptoms may include limited movement, muscle stiffness, and painful clicking, popping, or grating in the jaw joint. It can also cause migraines, chronic headaches, and neck and shoulder pain.

One woman suffered from TMJ pain for 25 years, trying every therapy and specialist imaginable with no relief. That was until she discovered Universal Sound Therapy. Most TMJ patients see multiple healthcare providers without success, including primary care physicians, dentists, and chiropractors, but few have tried a sound specialist.

If you’ve tried mouth guards, jaw slings, and teeth pulling without success, we urge you to try our sound therapy. It can be the key to finally getting rid of your TMJ for good. We understand how TMJ pain can be overwhelming and frustrating, and we want to help.

Our TMJ therapy has been consistently successful, and our clients are happy with the results. We offer a full 90 days to try our therapy risk-free. Unlike other medical treatments and supplements, we offer a satisfaction guarantee. If it doesn’t work for you, we’ll give you your money back. We’re not selling hope and empty promises; we’re treating TMJ with sound therapy. While we can’t guarantee it will work for everyone, we can guarantee we’ll stand behind our product and offer a full refund with a smile and thanks for giving it a try.

Short Description of Temporomandibular Disorder

The jawbone connects to the skull through the temporomandibular joint, which acts as a sliding hinge. Pain in the jaw joint and the muscles that control its movement is a result of temporomandibular disorders or TMD, which affects one joint on each side of the jaw.

Symptoms of Temporomandibular Disorder

Temporomandibular disorders or TMD can cause the following symptoms:

  • Pain or tenderness in the jaw
  • Pain in one or both of the temporomandibular joints
  • Aching pain in and around the ear
  • Difficulty chewing or pain while chewing
  • Aching facial pain
  • Locking of the joint, making it difficult to open or close the mouth.

About Temporomandibular Disorder

The temporomandibular joint is a hinge that connects the jaw to the temporal bones in front of each ear. This joint allows for the movement of the jaw, enabling one to talk, chew, and yawn. Temporomandibular disorders or TMD, which can also be referred to as TMJ, are conditions that affect the jaw and the muscles that control it.

Etiology of Temporomandibular Disorder

The exact cause of temporomandibular disorders or TMD is unknown. However, experts suggest that the symptoms are associated with problems in the muscles of the jaw or parts of the joint itself. TMD can be caused by injuries to the jaw, joint, or the muscles of the head and neck, such as whiplash or a heavy blow. Teeth grinding or bruxism, arthritis of the joint, movement of the soft cushion or disc between the ball and socket of the joint, and stress can also lead to TMD. TMD can last for years and result in severe pain and discomfort, affecting one or both sides of the face, with women being more commonly affected than men.

Diagnosis of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

To determine the cause of symptoms, a dentist will take a detailed history and conduct a physical examination. Conditions such as tooth decay, sinus issues, arthritis, and gum disease can produce similar symptoms. The dentist will check for pain and tenderness in the joints and listen for clicks, pops, or grating sounds. They will also examine the patient’s bite and facial muscles to check for any issues.

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  1. Molly Burton

    My jaw was locking up, clicking and I was in pain. It works and after I get done with this, I am going to work on my bad knees with another of your CD’s.


    I have been using your CD for only three weeks and can tell you that it is working, I feel less pain every day. This was truly a good investment. You could charge more.

  3. Kia Blue

    I lived in pain for years. Your CD on TMJ has made my life worth living. Each day I could feel the pain in my jaws and neck getting less and less. I am pain free in only 14 weeks. Bless You.

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