Tension Myositis Syndrome


This Universal Sound Therapy Protocol was designed especially to help your body overcome Tension Myositis Syndrome.


Have you been diagnosed with TMS or Tension Myositis Syndrome or are you wondering what it is and if you have it. We are not in the business of diagnosing, but we can share some common information that we know about TMS. Also, if you are searching here, you are probably looking for something to help you out with your pain. First let’s give you a little information, and then tell you what we can do for you.
TMS is a disorder that causes neck and back pain and can be successfully treated in almost all cases. People with chronic back pain are often afflicted with TMS. Chronic and acute back pain, irritable bowel; jaw pain, headaches, pelvic and prostrate pain can be caused by tension, anger, grief and fear. Remember that time you were put on the spot and your stomach tightened up into painful knots, or when you were really worried about something and you felt like you had a fever? The mind is a powerful thing and it is what causes TMS.
There are several ways TMS sufferers find relief and one of those ways is sound therapy. You see our Universal Sound Therapy healing sessions focus on getting your body and mind to vibrate at the correct frequencies to be healthy. You understand that everything vibrates; water, minerals, trees, human cells etc… and they vibrate at a specific frequency. When they are not vibrating at the correct frequency, they feel ill, stressed, injured, or hurting.
Our job is to get your body back in tune, and we do this with specifically designed frequencies that deal with those parts of your body related to TMS. We have been into sound therapy for several years and have had many clients achieve spectacular results using our therapy sessions. The cool part about sound therapy is that if you believe it works, it works, but if you believe it won’t work, it still works. Your body wants to be healthy and it wants to be in tune and will grab onto the frequencies it needs to tune itself. Yes, I said tune itself, your body has the ability to heal itself and we are just giving it the tools to do just that. We hope you will try our sound therapy because we know how much TMS gets in the way of living. In fact we are so sure about our product, we’ve taken away all of the risks of trying it. (No stress there!)
When you go to the doctor, do they offer a satisfaction guarantee? They do not. When you buy supplements do they let you return an empty bottle because the stuff didn’t work? Nope. Well we’re not in the business of selling hope and empty promises. We are in the business of treating TMS or Tension Myositis with sound therapy. And whereas we can’t guarantee that it’ll work for everyone, we absolutely guarantee that if it doesn’t, we’ll give you your money back with a smile and our thanks for giving it a try. Give Universal Sound Therapy’s Tension Myositis remedy a try. You have nothing to lose but the pain in your back.


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