This Universal Sound Therapy Protocol has been designed to help your body ovecome Sinusitis.


Are you suffering from a sinus infection or sinusitis, do you have a headache, pressure in the eyes, nose, cheek area or on one side of your head? More importantly, are you tired of it coming back again and again. Well that means that you probably have a standing prescription from your doctor for a pretty strong antibiotic and antihistamine plus steroids. But really, what can you do, you need to get rid of the pain and discomfort. Options are limited, you can keep on doing what you are doing or you can listen to what I am about to offer you! Have you ever heard of sound therapy? I bet not.

We at Universal Sound Therapy have developed a fantastic sound therapy program that targets the frequencies your body needs to be vibrating at in order to be healthy. You see when your frequencies are wrong; you are suffering from a disease, illness or injury. What our Sound Therapy sessions do is remind your body of what frequencies it should be vibrating at. Your body absorbs these frequencies and works to make the needed adjustments to get back in tune. When you are in tune you feel good.

Universal Sound Therapy is offering you a new form of treatment, something that is non-invasive, safe and has been very effective but has just not shown up on your radar. At Universal Sound Therapy, we have a sound therapy session made specifically for treatment of Sinusitis. All you do is download the session, put on your head phones and relax, simple as that. Sounds simple doesn’t it. We really do hope you will try our sound therapy for Sinusitis or Sinus Infection, because we know how much Chronic Sinus problems gets in the way of living. The reoccurring headaches and pressure is painful and can be overwhelming, not to mention trouble breathing. You need to stop this now.

The last thing we have done is taken away all of the risks of trying it. When you go to the doctor, do they offer a satisfaction guarantee? They do not. When you buy supplements do they let you return an empty bottle because the vitamins didn’t work? Nope. Well were not in the business of selling hope and empty promises. We are in the business of treating Chronic Sinusitis with sound therapy. And whereas we can’t guarantee that it’ll work for everyone, we absolutely guarantee that if it doesn’t, well give you your money back with a smile and our thanks for giving it a try. Give Universal Sound Therapy’s Sinus Remedy a try. You have nothing to lose but the pain…

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  1. J Bedford

    We live in the high desert and have frequent wind and dust storms. For the last 20 years I would just expect a sinus attact after one of these storms and it was always forthcoming. After using the Sinusitis CD, the last 3 or 4 storms have come and gone without any sinus pain.

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