Rheumatoid Arthritis


This Universal Sound Therapy Protocol was designed specifically to help your body overcome Rheumatoid Arthritis.


Mayo Clinic says that Rheumatoid Arthritis is:

  • A chronic inflammatory disorder
  • It affects the small joints in your hands and feet
  • It affects the lining of your joints
  • Causes a painful swelling that can eventually result in bone erosion and joint deformity.

An autoimmune disorder, Rheumatoid Arthritis occurs when your immune system mistakenly attacks your own body’s tissues. In addition to causing joint problems, rheumatoid arthritis can also affect your whole body with fevers and fatigue.

This is where we come in; at Universal Sound Therapy we have developed a sound therapy session that helps your body overcome the effects of Rheumatoid Arthritis. But first an explanation about how sound therapy works. You see, everything in the world vibrates at a specific frequency, Trees, rocks, minerals, people … everything vibrates. In a complex organism like a human body, everything in us vibrates at its specific frequency, capillaries, muscle tissue, bone, heart cells, lung cells… everything. Now when we are sick, injured, stressed we or those specific parts of our body are no longer at the correct frequency, we are not in resonance or we are out of tune. What we do at Universal Sound Therapy is play back those correct frequencies which remind your body where it should be and your body does the rest. Your body wants to be in tune; it wants to be healthy and will make the needed changes to get back in resonance.

Universal Sound Therapy has developed a sound healing session for Rheumatoid Arthritis that has proven time and again that it will help your body get back to its normal healthy self. You will feel better and be much healthier than you are now. Have you tried every way possible to get rid of your Rheumatoid Arthritis and still can’t kick it. Has this autoimmune disease got you stumped? Don’t you think its time to try something new, something proven, something wonderful like sound therapy?

With our 90 day money back guarantee you have nothing to lose but a lot of pain. Give our Universal Sound Therapy Healing Session on Rheumatoid Arthritis a try.

3 reviews for Rheumatoid Arthritis

  1. Sandra Hill

    I cannot believe the difference in how my hands look. The inflammation is gone. I use your CD every evening and noticed changes within 3 days. You are amazing.

  2. Jesse Gilbert

    Your sound cd has made a difference. My hands and feet hurt much less. You are doing a great job.

  3. Ardelle Olsen

    My hands were swollen and I was in pain all the time. Notice I said “was”. Not any longer thanks to you.

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