Peripheral Artery Disease – PAD


This Universal Sound Therapy Healing Session was specifically designed to help you overcome P.A.D. – Peripheral Artery Disease.


Are you suffering from P.A.D. – Peripheral Artery Disease?

According to the Mayo Clinic, “Peripheral Artery Disease is a common circulatory problem in which narrowed arteries reduce blood flow to your limbs.”

What happens when you develop P.A.D. is your extremities, like your legs, don’t get enough blood flow to function properly. Symptoms that develop can be:numbness,

  • Painful cramping in your hip, thigh or calf muscles after an activity, such as walking. This is called Intermittent Claudication.
  • Leg numbness or weakness
  • Cold lower leg or foot
  • Sores on your feet or legs that don’t heal
  • Hair loss or slow hair growth on your feet and legs
  • Color changes in your legs
  • Shiny skin on your legs
  • Erectile dysfunction in men
If you have some of these symptoms, you probably have poor or reduced circulation and should see your doctor. When blood flow is restricted certain parts of your body are adversely affected:
  • Brain
  • Heart
  • Kidneys
  • Limbs
  • Liver
Well if you have gone to your doctor you have probably been told to quit smoking, change your diet, change your lifestyle and take some medication. Treatments available for P.A.D may include:
  • Cholesterol lowering meds
  • High Blood Pressure meds
  • Meds to control your blood sugar
  • Meds to prevent blood clots
  • Angioplasty
  • Bypass Surgery
  • Thrombolytic Therapy
Now, did your doctor tell you about alternative therapies? Did he or she mention Sound Therapy? No! Well that’s just because the doctor probably didn’t know much about it and I’m sure the doctor doesn’t know about it’s benefits. You see Universal Sound Therapy Sessions:
  • Target specific areas of your body that are ill, infected, inflamed or out of resonance.
  • Help your body retune itself so all your body parts are vibrating at their correct frequency.
  • Helps your body increase blood flow throughout your system
  • Opens up the flow of energy over your entire body.
  • Will help your body overcome P.A.D
Another great thing about our Universal Sound Therapy Healing for P.A.D is our 90 day guarantee. If you feel our therapy session has not helped you in 90 days, just send it back and we will make a full refund of your purchase price. Now just give Universal Sound Therapy Healing Session on P.A.D a try, and start feeling better and start hurting less.

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  1. Freda Gonzales

    This is nice. My pain is going away and I can walk much farther without hurting. Bless this cd and your company. You have given me back my life.

  2. Jerry Fister

    Your cd on PADs really made a difference. My pain is gone. I can almost keep up with the grandkids.

  3. Margaret Thomas

    I was in pain, intense pain. I had a hard time walking and had to sit and rest frequently. Your sound therapy has made my quality of life much better. Thank you for your miracle.

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