This Universal Sound Therapy Healing session has been specifically designed to help your body overcome Hyperacusis.


Many people that suffer from Hyperacusis live in a world where the level of noise or sound is at a maximum. Their ears have lost the ability to control the volume of incoming sound and are quit often in a lot of pain. Others find themselves oversensitive to many everyday sounds and quite a few find that they also have Tinnitus or ringing in the ears as a part of their Hyperacusis. Do you fit in with some of these poeple and if so how are you dealing with it?

There are some interesting thought going on in the medical community when working with Hyperacusis:


  • Pink noise – wearing a type of hearing aid that emits other sounds.
  • Brain Retraining – therapy sessions from 2 to 8 hours in length listening to pink noise.
  • Steroids – somewhat effective, especially early after onset of the problem.
  • Sound Therapy
This is where we come in at Universal Sound Therapy; we have developed a healing CD that will help your own body overcome Hyperacusis. Out bodies have the ability to heal themselves; all they need is a reminder of where they should be. We do that.
Give our CD on Hyperacusis a try, with our 90-Day Money Back Guarantee you have nothing to lose but your Hyperacusis.



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