This Universal Sound Therapy Healing session has been specifically designed to help your body overcome Hyperacusis.


Are you or someone you love suffering from hyperacusis and associated symptoms? At Universal Sound Therapy we deal with all sorts of issues including hyperacusis with our sound therapies.


Our therapy is based on frequencies, tuning your body to vibrate at the correct frequency is as important to your body healing itself or reducing symptoms you are facing. Our healing sessions provide your body with the frequencies that would be found in a normal, healthy body. Your system absorbs these frequencies and makes the needed changes to “tune itself” and start to heal. Our bodies want to be healthy and when we provide them with the proper tools they will do everything needed to do just that.

Universal Sound Therapy is in the business to help your body heal and we are so confident that it will work for you that we offer you a 90-day money back guarantee. And if our Hyperacusis sound therapy CD doesn’t help, just return it for a full refund. Try to get that from your doctor or pharmacy.

Our Hyperacusis sound therapy CD’s help by:

  • Decrease or minimize the occurrence of hyperacusis
  • Has the correct frequencies to help your body retune itself
  • Aligns and opens your Chakra system
  • Opens and cleans up your meridians
  • Helps your body heal itself

Introduction to Hyperacusis

Many people that suffer from Hyperacusis live in a world where the level of noise or sound is at a maximum. Their ears have lost the ability to control the volume of incoming sound and are quit often in a lot of pain. Others find themselves oversensitive to many everyday sounds and quite a few find that they also have Tinnitus or ringing in the ears as a part of their Hyperacusis. Do you fit in with some of these poeple and if so how are you dealing with it?

There are some interesting thought going on in the medical community when working with Hyperacusis:

  • Pink noise – wearing a type of hearing aid that emits other sounds.
  • Brain Retraining – therapy sessions from 2 to 8 hours in length listening to pink noise.
  • Steroids – somewhat effective, especially early after onset of the problem.
  • Sound Therapy
This is where we come in at Universal Sound Therapy; we have developed a healing session that will help your own body overcome Hyperacusis. Out bodies have the ability to heal themselves; all they need is a reminder of where they should be. We do that.
Give our sound therapy session on Hyperacusis a try, with our 90-Day Money Back Guarantee you have nothing to lose but your Hyperacusis.

Short Description of Hyperacusis

Hyperacusis refers to a disorder of perception of loudness or an unusual tolerance to ordinary environmental sounds. 

Symptoms of Hyperacusis

Hearing sounds that sound louder than they are, such as:

  • Running faucet
  • Kitchen appliance
  • Car engine 
  • Loud conversation

People with Hyperacusis suffer from:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Ear pain
  • Relationship issues
  • Difficulty connecting with others 

About Hyperacusis

Hyperacusis is a disorder in the perception of sound. Patients suffering from the condition appear overly sensitive to a range of sounds. They often find many noises to be unbearable and painfully loud. It is not the same as” recruitment,” a disorder that can be a normal consequence of hearing loss and is connected with the unusual perception of sound as the volume is increased. 

Hyperacusis affects both children and adults but is known to be a rare condition. It is estimated that one in 50,000 people are affected. Hyperacusis may be due to a number of factors with the most common is damage to the cochlea due to exposure to loud sounds like those heard at working environments, concerts, gun ranges, air bag deployment and fireworks.  It also often affects people who have suffered from a brain injury as well as those that suffer from tinnitus, a common condition wherein the patient hears a ringing noise in their ears. 

Etiology of Hyperacusis 

Our ears perceive sound as vibrations and if you have hyperacusis, the brain confuses or exaggerates certain vibrations. Therefore, even if you get the same signals as others, the brain reacts differently from them. This is the cause for all of the discomfort.  People are not necessarily born with the hearing disorder but it usually results from specific health issues and diseases including:

  • Injury to the head because of an airbag deployment
  • Damage to one or both ears due to drugs or toxins
  • Viral infections that directly affect the inner ear or the facial nerve as in Bell’s palsy
  • Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ)
  • Lyme Disease 
  • Tay-Sachs’s disease
  • Migraine headaches
  • Using Valium regularly
  • Certain kinds of epilepsy
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Meniere’s disease
  • Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Depression
  • Autism
  • Surgery on your jaw or face
  • Williams syndrome

Also, being around loud sounds can trigger the disorder. For instance, a single loud gunshot can cause it. However, it can also occur from being near loud noises over a long period of time. 

Diagnosis of Hyperacusis 

The audiologist will begin performing a thorough physical examination including medical history that includes the length and severity of the symptoms. A hearing test or audiogram will be done and it will show a graph that charts the patient’s capability to hear sounds at different frequencies.


Sound Therapy is a proven modality that helps control symptoms of hyperacusis.  You wear a headset on one or both ears and listen to certain programmed sounds that heal your body and mind.


It is important to protect your ears from all sorts of noise pollution. There are sophisticated ear plugs designed with volume controls and other smart earplugs made for the military.  You could also wear noise-cancelling earphones in order to prevent shocks to your hearing.



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