Hair, Skin and Nails


This protocol for Hair, Skin and Nails was specifically designed to help your body heal and repair itself for any issues dealing with these three areas. Baldness, dry itchy skin, rashes, discolored nails are just a few things this protocol has helped people overcome…


If you are having problems with your hair, such as thinning hair, dry, dull hair, balding or if your skin is dry and itchy, prone to rashes or have discolored nails and other related issues, then this CD is right for you.  Many people that have used this CD have overcome those issues and more.

Universal Sound Therapy protocols have been tested and proven to be effective in helping your body heal itself and get it back to it’s normal healthy state.  If this CD does not help or you are not satisfied, then simply return it within 90 days for a full refund.  Universal Sound Therapy does not want your money if we can’t help.

Give the Universal Sound Therapy CD on Hair, Skin and Nails a try, help your body heal.


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