Energetic Body Tune Up


This unique Universal Sound Therapy Protocol was designed to give your body an Energetic Body Tune-up.


Are you down, feeling sluggish and things just are not right? Our body is a beautiful piece of engineering that is designed to be and stay healthy. However sometimes it needs a little boost; it needs to be reminded of where it should be and what to do to get there.

This is where we come in; Universal Sound Therapy has designed a sound therapy CD called Energetic Body Tune Up. And does it ever tune up that body. This powerful CD cleans up your energy centers and helps your body remove energy blockages so your energy can flow freely throughout. You are going to feel much better, more alive and just have more energy in your life when you try our CD.

Give our Universal Sound Therapy CD on Energy Body Tune Up a try and feel great again.

3 reviews for Energetic Body Tune Up

  1. Shoshay Green

    I feel like dancing. Thank you!

  2. Jona Foxe

    When you said powerful, you were not kidding. I found that grounding after using is very important. I just want you to know that I feel new again.

  3. Faye Simpson

    Yahoooo! I feel good.

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