Bed Sores



Bed sores are caused by pressure against the skin that makes a decrease in circulation of blood to the skin and surrounding tissue. Factors related to limited mobility can make the skin susceptible to damage and contribute to the development of pressure sores. Three primary contributing factors are:

  • Sustained pressure.
    This kind of pressure tends to happen in areas that aren't well-padded with muscle or fat and that lie over a bone, such as your spine, tailbone, shoulder blades, hips, heels and elbows.
  • Friction.
    Friction is the resistance to motion. It may occur when the skin is dragged across a surface, such as when you change position or a care provider moves you.
  • Shear.
    Shear occurs when two surfaces move in the opposite direction. For example, when a hospital bed is elevated at the head, you can slide down in bed. As the tailbone moves down, the skin over the bone may stay in place — essentially pulling in the opposite direction.

Prevention is key, repositioning and taking care of your skin is vital. Position changes
need to be frequent and care must be taken to avoid stress on the skin and pressure on
vulnerable areas. Other strategies could include maintaining good nutrition,
quit smoking and exercise daily.

Another key to prevention is our Universal Sound Therapy Protocol for Bed Sores. This
protocol is designed to help your body take care of itself by improving your skin, other
body tissue and improving circulation.

Give our Bed Sore protocol a try, we stand behind all of our Universal Sound Therapy
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