Hi,  I’m Dick Rhoades. My wife Magg and I have been involved in sound therapy since 2006.  Magg was drawn to Sound Therapy while attending a conference in Minneapolis, MN and after doing some research, we soon found ourselves being trained in Sound Therapy by Dr. Stan Dawson in Atlanta, GA.

Back in Minnesota, we turned our hearts and hands into providing sound healing to friends and family and soon started working in the community as well.  I retired after 30 years in education and started providing therapy at healing centers in Brainerd and Rogers MN as well as from our home.

It wasn’t long before frustration and the realization of our limited capabilities set in.  We felt a need to share this wonderful form of healing with more people than a one on one session could provide. We had a vision of being able to provide this unique service to the entire world.

We worked with energy workers, clients and volunteers across the country to fine-tune the effectiveness of the therapy sessions.  After several successful trade-shows and many satisfied clients, we could actually see our vision starting to materialize.

We formed Universal Sound Therapy with the intention of providing quality sound healing sessions to individuals for their particular needs.

We currently have over 130 sound therapy sessions available targeted at specific ailments.  When you look at our list, you will see everything from arthritis to varicose veins, lyme disease and fibromyalgia.  In fact, when you check our list and if you don’t find a session that meets your particular needs, contact us and we will research and design one to fulfill your request.

We’re dedicated to helping you heal.

Our mailing address is:

Universal Sound Therapy
PO Box 158
Verndale, MN  56481